Creating a Lasting Impression

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How many times have you heard someone tell the importance of “creating a lasting impression” in either in your personal or professional life? I’ve heard it very often, but lately I’ve been reflecting on how do I achieve this in my work as a freelancer because the impressions I create impact my success.
What I’ve come to realize I must strive to work with excellence. Excellence, meaning that I give 110% to every task or project to deliver excellent outcomes and instill trust and confidence in my clients and colleagues. However, I think we can all agree that we face obstacles on a daily basis that make it extremely challenging to continue striving for excellence. Some consistent challenges you may encounter are: putting in more hours on a project without additional compensation, completing tasks that are beyond the scope of your normal duties, providing a client with assistance, or finishing a project outside of normal working hours. What I find interesting is that I experience great joy and ease in overcoming any obstacles when I choose to work with excellence. Tasks that were rather monotonous and laborious are no more and I’m motivated to deliver results that consistently go above and beyond because I become excited and energized about what I’m aiming for. On the opposite hand, when I haven’t pursued working with excellence, I’ve experienced a noticeable decline in the quality of my work which has impacted the overall confidence clients and colleagues have in me and my abilities. Therefore, one thing has because quite clear to me. If I want to create a lasting impression and continue experiencing success as a freelancer, I must continually pursue excellence in everything that I do. Anything less is not an option.

What are your thoughts about how you are success as a freelancer in your work? Share your thoughts and comments below. I look forward to hearing from you.


Navigating as a freelancer in TODAY’s Gig Economy


Have you been contemplating working or are you currently working as a freelancer? Do you have a passion to serve others and are seeking to grow and be challenged in new and exciting ways?

I’m starting this blog to share about my own journey starting a career as a freelancer in the digital media marketing industry.  It’s been a rewarding, but challenging journey to develop skills as a freelancer because I’ve had very little guidance or mentoring to help me learn the various components of working for myself. In addition, all the technical aspects of the projects I’ve worked on I’ve learned mostly on my own with very little training. I hope that if you are contemplating becoming a freelancer you will find valuable tips and insight from what I share that I’ve learned through my journey and you will find them valuable for your own journey down whatever path you are on.

I’ll share some brief history of my own journey of how I came to work as a freelancer.  Since graduating college in 2005, I have worked in several different industries  including door to door sales, insurance sales, a server at various restaurants, banking, health care and studying to become a licensed physical therapist.  Over the course of the last 14 years, my growth journey as a professional has evolved and changed on a daily basis. Career choices that I’ve made that I had anticipated and planned would go a certain way, did not end up the way I had expected. With each new change in my journey I have identified one thing that has caused me to suffer and wallow in discouragement and disappointment rather than grow in grit and determination to push forward and get better.  It’s all about daily choices. It has taken me a long time to come to terms with the simple fact that all successful people choose daily to have a positive attitude and choose to learn how to get better even when they thought they were doing everything well. For a long time I thought it was about having a positive attitude or humbly acknowledging you need to get better at something that you don’t do well in whatever role you find yourself in for work. This has always been hard for me because I didn’t want to pretend to have a positive attitude if I wasn’t happy. I didn’t want to humbly acknowledge my opportunities for growth because of how weak or incompetent it would make me appear to others. However, what it boiled down to was I was making the wrong choice day in and day out. Also, I didn’t want to acknowledge I was making the wrong choice over and over again. The perspective we have about our growth journey and our current circumstances really is all about choice.  Continue seeking and figuring out what things help you choose choice to be excited, remain positive, and be flexible in the face of adversity on your journey of growth and it will slowly shape your view to one of opportunity and joy and not despair and misery. For me it has been my wife, my children, and realizing my true identity as a son of God. The best part is we are all capable of making the right choice and all can benefit in their growth journey in this way.

Feel free to share comments below and any valuable insights you’ve learned in your own growth journey. I hope you enjoyed this post and are encouraged as you continue on your growth path. Have a great week!

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